Robert Nance

Robert Nance

Mr. Nance’s joy of flying began at the age of 16 taking flying lessons in a Cessna 150, and continues to this day, with over 6,000 rotor wing hours and over 1,200 fixed wing hours.
Robert Nance served his country in the Vietnam War, assigned to the 162nd Assault Helicopter Company also known as the “Vultures,” as a pilot in UH-1 Huey helicopters. Later he was the unit instructor pilot assigned to the Huey UH-1C Gun Platoon or “Copperhead 38’s”. During this time, he flew over 1,500 combat hours in extremely dangerous conditions.

Mr. Nance’s military and civilian flight experience includes:

  • Instrument Instructor Pilot/Hunter Army Airfield, Savannah, GA: Flew a Bell TH-13T “Sioux” helicopter.
  • Pilot 126th Medical Air Ambulance Company, Sacramento, CA: UH-1, OH-58, and various others.
  • Pilot U.S. Army 126th Medical Company/Bosnia Herzegovina: Flew UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter.
  • Conducted pesticide spraying to eradicate the Mediterranean fruit fly in California.
  • Napa, California Firefighter
  • Crop Duster Pilot
  • Rebuilt and raced his own 1934 Ford coupe for drag racing
  • Winner of the D-Gas in the Nitro Nationals at Infineon in 2005

Mr. Nance’s meritorious achievements during the Vietnam War include 34 Air Medals and an Army Commendation (ARCOM) Medal. In 1969 he received his instrument, multi-engine fixed wing and helicopter flight instructor rating.

Nance retired from the California Army National Guard in 2000. Bob still flies today in his 1962 Cessna 182 which is the same plane he learned to fly when he was 16 years old. In addition to the Cessna, he also enjoys flying his 1941 Piper Cub, Drag Racing, and ET Jackpot Series class racing.


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