Pancho’s Huey ‘961 – Vietnam Huey Helicopter Taking Off, Flying, Landing UH-1

This restored Vietnam War era UH-1H Huey helicopter is a flying piece of history operated by the Vietnam Helicopters Museum and flown as a “Thank You” for Vietnam War Veterans. The reason this video is titled “Pancho’s Huey ‘961” is in tribute to Gonzolo “Pancho” Salazar who served his country as Crew Chief of this Huey for fourteen months during his service in Vietnam which lasted from December 15, 1967 to August 22, 1969. The crews of Huey helicopters in Vietnam often used the last three digits of the serial number to identify their ship for flight operations, and this Huey is “961”. Pancho comes to visit his ship and put his “knees in the breeze” flying with her for about one week a year from his home in Dallas. Thank you for your service Pancho, and Welcome Home!


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