Kevin Graves


Kevin Graves has a love for his country and a passion for our military. A passion that was initiated by the death of his son, his only child, U.S. Army Specialist Joseph A Graves. On 25 Jul 2006 SPC Graves was killed while on an escort mission on the Baghdad Highway. Kevin’s son was the only causality that day.

Since then Kevin has supported not only our veterans, but also our active military. Kevin currently serves at the rank of Staff Sergeant in the CalGuard as a Chaplain’s Assistant. He is also an advocate for a very active Gold Star Family community in Northern California. He works diligently to bring awareness to the sacrifices that have been made by the families whose loved ones have given the last full measure of devotion for their country.

Kevin has let that passion guide his career path also. Kevin is the Bay Area LINC (Local Interagency Network Coordinator) for CalVet – the California Department of Veterans Affairs. He serves our veterans in the Greater Bay Area by identifying and supporting veteran organizations and collaborating with these resources to ensure that every Vet gets the benefits he or she has already paid for through their service to their country.

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