Honor flight over memorial services for Richard C. Brush Jr.

I have known about Vietnam Helicopters for quite some time as I have seen them at many community events and their extensive work with Veterans. So, when my father passed away this year, I knew I wanted to reach out to their team to see if there was any possibility of working with them to help my family honor him and his many years of military service. They graciously agreed to volunteer their time and arranged to make an appearance at the memorial service with the same style of helicopter that my Father flew in (as a Door Gunner) during the Vietnam War. Their team was very accommodating and easy to communicate with, they even took the initiative to coordinate all of the logistics and details that were needed. Every person I worked with was extremely professional and genuinely cared about the service they were providing. The day of my Father’s service, they made it a point to make several passes in the helicopter to show their respect to their brother in arms. All of our friends and family were truly touched to know that the Vietnam Helicopter team went out of their way to volunteer their time and resources to create such a memorable moment. On behalf of the Brush family, and our friends, we would like to say thank you to the Vietnam Helicopters team for such an unforgettable day.

Information about my Father, Richard.

  • Name: Major Richard C. Brush Jr. (Retired)
  • Entered U.S. Army in October 1962
  • 1st tour in Vietnam was 1968-1969
    • Richard was the Company Commander for the 18th Replacement Company and the 90th Replacement Battalion
    • Richard was stationed in many places such as: Long Binh & Saigon during the Tet Offensive
    • Richard flew several missions as a Side Gunner on a Bell UH-1 Huey Helicopter

2nd tour in Vietnam 1970-1971

  • Richard was stationed in many places such as: Mekong Delta & Cao-Tha’i where in his down helped build a refugee camp including a dispensary, church and school
  • Richard flew several missions as a Side Gunner on a Bell Hue Helicopter

Richard also served time in:

  • Germany
  • Korea
  • Various Army posts throughout the U.S.
    • While stationed at the San Francisco Presidio:
      • Richard was in charge of processing all of the refugee’s that entered the country through San Francisco
      • He received a letter of appreciation from President Gerald Ford for his attention to detail and efficiency with processing the entering refugees.

While in Vietnam Richard received many metals including:

  • Purple Heart
  • Five Bronze Stars
  • Air Service Medal

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