Charles Michael Fiedler

Charles Michael Fiedler

Charles Fiedler is a professional pilot with over 50 years of flying experience with military and civilian experience. He has over 23,000 total flight hours; including 12,838 Multiengine hours and 5,108 Rotary wing aircraft hours. He served in the Republic of Vietnam flying the CH-54A Skycrane helicopters with the 273rd Aviation Company (1970–1971). He Served in Germany with the 62nd Aviation Company (Royal Coachmen VIP detachment) as command and instructor pilot. Feidler separated from the U.S. Army with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer 3 (CW3), Aviation.

Mr. Fiedler’s military and civilian experience includes:

  • CH-54 pilot in Vietnam
  • VIP pilot in Germany
  • Industrial Helicopter pilot for Erickson Lumber
  • Courier Pilot in fixed wing aircraft for Bank of America
  • Industrial Helicopter Pilot for Siller Aviation
  • Commuter Pilot, Fixed and Rotary wing for SFO Helicopter Airlines
  • Corporate Pilot; King Air 90/200 under FAR 91/135
  • Commuter Pilot; Convair CV-580 under FAR 121
  • Eastern Airlines Pilot
  • Corporate Pilot: Hewlett Packard Company (DA-50 / GIV Captain FAR 91)
  • Licensed A&P Mechanic
  • Corporate Pilot: Tag Aviation / GIV Captain FAR 91/135
  • National Helicopter BH 206 Pilot and Maintenance services
  • Chief Pilot: Woodside Aviation FAR 91 in Piaggio P-180II aircraft

Fiedler is an Airline Transport Pilot with Type Ratings including; DA-50, IA-1125A, NA-265, G-IV, G-100, SK-64E. He is also associated with the following organizations:

  • American Legion, Veterans of Foreign War, Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association, Airline Pilot
  • Association, Quiet Birdmen (QB).

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