YO 3A Flight to Vietnam Helicopters Concord CA

Mission: Lockheed YO-3A Is flown from NASA Edwards AFB to its new home at Vietnam Helicopters in Concord, CA. It was flown by Vietnam Veterans Richard Osborne and Kurt Olney who served as Pilot and Crew Chief on the YO-3A during the Vietnam War.


  1. This is an awesome organization and I am very proud to be a member and assist the mission of VHM.

  2. Beginning in September, 2015, I made contact with Kurt Olney once discovering he and I had been involved with the Y0-3A in Vietnam at the same time … but in greatly different ways. Kurt worked directly with the plane and its crews while I was on permanent perimeter security at Long Thanh North where much of the Y0-3A activity took place. I had been assigned to LTN with a group of 41 other “rapid responders” for the specific purpose of securing this airplane … 6 of them actually … from the local VC who were hot to bring one of them down … though at the time this was so secret we weren’t even told about it. I witnessed one of them crash and was able to get the details 45 years later from Kurt Olney’s web site http://www.yo-3a.com

  3. Tom Triplett

    I was an Australian army pilot based at Nui Dat in Phuoc Tuy province Vietnam, Callsign “Possum 23”. One day in late 1971 we got a call from the tower saying we were going to get “beat up” in about 10 minutes. We all grabbed our cameras and raced down to the strip. On cue this strange glider/aircraft “SWISHED” by rocking his wings. We thought his engine had quit but then he pulled the nose up and sailed off into the blue. The “beat up” was more like a one finger massage…….but we’d heard about the strange almost silent plane used to locate the enemy at night at low level.

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