Brent Marker


Mr. Marker started flying with Vietnam Helicopters in 2011 and has piloted over 115 missions, from landing our UH-1H “Huey” at local High Schools and Colleges for educational purposes to patriotic flyovers recognizing the contributions of Veterans at various Bay Area events. He spent four years in the United States Marine Corps from 1989-1993. His MOS was Motor Transport and he was deployed to the Gulf War/Desert Storm from August 1990 to May 1991.

A certified and experienced pilot and flight instructor, Mr. Marker has logged over 800 hours of rotor wing flight time and 88 hours of fixed wing flight time. He has flown a variety of aircraft including the C-152, 172, Aeronca Champ 7AC-65, R-22, Schweitzer 300CB, Bell Jet Ranger, Astar, and UH-1H “Huey”.


  • Pilot: Volunteer helicopter pilot for the past four years throughout Northern California.
  • Certified Flight Instructor/Sacramento Executive Helicopters: Providing both ground and flight instruction, discovery flights, scenic flights, frost control and aerial photography.
  • Officer/California Highway Patrol: Duties include providing the highest level of safety, service, and security to the people of California. This is accomplished through preventing loss of life, injuries, and property damage, maximizing service to the public and assistance to allied agencies, managing traffic and emergency incidents, protecting public and state assets and improving departmental efficiency.

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  1. amy loose

    I wanted to get a message to Brent. We went to school together and piloting was what he wanted to do. Congratulations on getting your dream!

  2. Hi, I’ve been lookin for you for years. I can’t believe I finally found you! You’ve accomplished so much in your life. I’m crazy happy for you! If you want to get in touch you can find me on Facebook or email me at

  3. Don marker

    Brent….glad I found this site. Thanks again for the flight. Dad

  4. Amanda smith

    Really proud of you! You set out to be a pilot and you made it! Livin the dream

  5. Sheri Hudson

    Omg!!!! My biggest idol ever, I’ve been trying to find you for years. I saw you at the Sacramento airport was boarding a flight and couldn’t get your attention! You make me so proud and WOW the whole time You were in the air no wonder I couldn’t find you…. Lol hope to hear from you soon bestie.

  6. Clark Luntey

    Brent; yesterday you gave my wife Emma, and other Blue Star Mom’s a ride in the Huey from the Gold Star Mom’s golf tournament in Pleasanton back to Concord. This was a thrill of a lifetime for her and very therapeutic as she buried her best friend last weekend. She was like a kid just coming off her first roller coaster ride. That’s all she could talk about last night. Thanks for doing that and your volunteer work with the Vets. She was showing me the pictures and I said “I know the pilot, he was at Don Johnson’s retirement luncheon on Wed” small world. I had no idea that you did this. Thanks again, Clark Luntey #7601 Ret

  7. Jason Davis


    This is your cousin Jason. I can’t believe you are in Vietnam! I have been here off and on for 6 years. I am here now with my wife Sang and our son Orion. My wife is Vietnamese and my son was born here. We are leaving for the states in a few days for thanksgiving. If you are still in Saigon then we should get together! We have a house and office in the Go Vap district. The funny thing is we just moved from district 1 on Pasteur street right next to the helicopter museum. I lived there for the past 4 years and you were just around the corner. My local number is 098 220-3000 . Call me if you are still in town. I would love to see you and show you around. If you are in the states then call me on or after thanksgiving. My US number is 530-264-6222

    • Jason Davis

      Looks like I jumped the gun and your not in Vietnam. I should have read the website first but when I saw Vietnam helicopter museum I assumed it was the one in Saigon. I would love to catch up with you in the states. Let’s get in touch! We fly into Sacramento on thanksgiving, hope to see you soon.

    • Hey Jason, thank you very much for contacting me, sorry for the delayed response. I’ll give you a call this weekend.
      Take care, talk to you soon.

  8. Mike Lasko

    Mike Lasko here we served together wanted to reach out. I’m still talk to Brett Perry now and again .E-mail me we can catch up.
    Semper Fi

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